A Coworking and Makerspace Cooperative in Philmont, NY


We’re a member-run, 501c3 nonprofit cooperative. Our mission is to create an association of freelancers providing community services and youth programming to local residents and artists. Our offerings include, among other things, workshops, makerspace, classes, afterschool programming, and space for Philmont’s community to congregate.

We’re good neighbors

Members come from all over the Hudson Valley. We engage with the surrounding community via free programs and by donating space and providing visibility to local organizations.

We wash our own mugs

Members build, maintain, clean, and fix things to keep costs down and build sweat equity. We embrace the cooperative model of governance and make decisions slowly and intentionally.

Member Amentities

  • High speed internet
  • 24/7 access
  • Personal storage space
  • Kitchen with fridge, toaster oven, microwave, electric kettle, and coffee maker
  • Color printing, copying, and scanning
  • 3D printing
  • CNC mill
  • Silicone and resin casting
  • Vinyl/paper cutters
  • Sound/podcast recording equipment
  • Conference room
  • Call booths
  • Off-street parking
  • Work tables
  • Sewing machines


All members get desk space and use of our conference room, kitchen, and communal spaces, as well as the Makerspace. Members are invited to monthly social events and presentations. Internet and printing are included. See “How to Join” for details and email us when you’re ready. 


  • 3 months commitment
  • 1 month cancellation notice

How to Join

  1. Review membership requirements and amenities.
  2. Email a brief statement about why you want to join and how you plan to use the space. Include a brief CV or bio and a link to your work, if applicable.
  3. Current members review info and invite potential members to tour the space.
  4. We let you know if you’re approved and get you onboarded!

Flex Membership

All the same benefits as a regular membership, but no fixed desk. Follow the steps for a regular membership.
3 of 4 memberships currently available

Day/Week Passes

Afraid of commitment? Buy a day or week pass to try working with other humans! All member amentities are included. Sign up using the links below and a door code will be sent to you afterwards.
Day Pass — $25
Week Pass — $100

If it’s your first time in the space, please allow at least 24 hours notice for onboarding.

Weekly Events

Follow us on Instagram for updates!

Board Games

Mostly eurogames that take forever to learn and even longer to play. At the Makerspace.
Thursdays 6:00p - 9:00p

Member Directory

See a list of current members here.


Email us at info@purpose.work
Call us at (518) 261-2001

Purpose Makerspace
100 Main Street, Philmont, NY 12565

Purpose Coworking
95 Main Street, Philmont, NY 12565
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Current Members

Brendan Gaesser is an assistant professor exploring the relationship between imagination and morality. His lab investigates how imagining the future and remembering the past shapes moral decisions in the present (with an emphasis on fostering empathy, altruism, and collaboration). He writes, reads, thinks, hikes, dances, and dabbles with fiber art projects.
Sophia Taylor is a creative director, copywriter, sci-fi novelist, and children’s book author. When not writing she can be seen snuggling her cats, reading, gardening, doing tarot and giving free writing workshops to the Philmont community. Check out her work here.
Brandon Gamm is a designer and artist based in Hudson, NY. He draws inspiration from toy printing presses, bicycles, pixel art, dad jokes, and glitches. You can check out his work at bgamm.com.
Heath Iverson is a filmmaker, educator and Director of the FILMont Media Project. He lives in Philmont, NY.

Judd Maltin is a long-time Purpose member and lives in Harlemville, NY with his family. He's an Internet engineer and software developer, and an active member of the local Jewish community. He's offering software development and systems design classes at Purpose Makerspace.

Sophie Wedd is a board member at Purpose Cooperative, and the founder of Sophie Wedd Design, a branding and design studio. She grew up in Philmont, NY and cares deeply for the community. Her agency offers pro bono branding work to organizations and local initiatives that align with their hearts and values.
Rob Garrity lives in Harlemville with his three kids, is committed to furthering social & economic forms rooted in a worldview of inter-being-ness, and builds big community solar projects from his office at Purpose.
Anthony Lovenheim Irwin is a scholar, teacher, and musician. In his professional life he publishes and teaches about Buddhism in Thailand, and the social and ethical resonances of craft, and construction in religious contexts. In addition to playing in his string band Salt Tooth Serenaders and DJing classic vinyl Thai, he also runs programming through Purpose’s makeshift music studio, Ivan’s Lounge. You can check out his website here.

Purpose Alumni 

Debra Gitterman is an editor, book coach and published poet. She also happens to be a skilled front-end developer and WordPress maven. Editing, however—all things language-based and story-related—is her superpower and true love. She is co-founder of On The Fly Story Slam and S.O.S (Share our Stories) and a founding member of Purpose.
Caitie Hilverman is a data scientist and cognitive psychologist studying hand gesture and memory. In her free time she’s typically reading, writing, hiking, shooting pool, or making baby clothes. She’s a Hudson native and recently moved back to her hometown with her partner and toddler after 12 years away. 
Ben Brownell is a semi-nomadic rural futurist, ecosocial design-build artist, and "place coaching" consultant intent on creative community revitalization and inclusive human+ habitat regeneration regionally in the mid-Valley and beyond. Find Ben wandering obscure local woodlands and waterways, or indoors scouting and plotting new pathways to adventure on a growing web of alternative low-carbon travel routes and transformative destinations. Visit placemate.me for his latest work in progress.
Rosie von Lila is a polished, diplomatic advocate and negotiator, and highly organized operations executive who gets it done gloriously. You can find her on LinkedIn.
Josh Olsen is based in Catskill. He’s been a Product Designer at Turo for 5+ years, helping people rent cars from local car owners (everywhere but NY, sorry). He spends his spare time woodworking (furniture and hand carved items), playing with sourdough (bread and pizza mostly), and getting lost in the Catskills.